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understanding international text messages

When I look at my daughters bill (she is in the USA right now) she is only to be texting me and her mom, the bill shows text messages and international text messages. the text messages don't show a number but the times correlate with when she replies to us. the international on the other hand some correlate with our text messages and a few that don’t but they all say received no out going or is that just the way its set up for international they just say received when they send and receive? Also is there anyway to see what the number is?  

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In self serve, under Usage you can see the text message usage including the phone numbers. 

Are these texts you are seeing resulting in any abnormal charges? 

In the usage it just come up with the following no numbers and no abnormal charges just making sure she is not doing something she is not suppose to be, we are the only ones she is to be texting and calling while down in the USA,

7:20am Roaming Txt Msg - Received: 1 1 messages $0.00
7:13am 1 1 messages


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Unfortunately with roaming the information may not be available.