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Unable to reach or contact koodo from abroad to cancel account!

I am at my wits end.
For the past week I have been trying to cancel my account from abroad. I have left the country (Canada) and would like to cancel my account. Unfortunately I cannot reach a human being. Self Serve doesn't seem to have this account change as an option. Calling with your Sim Card hangs up and tells you to use the chat. The chat gives you a scheduled call back. When you schedule a callback it doesnt reach your phone. When you call from abroad to their customer service line it goes silent just as the operator picks up (5th time with this nonesense). Chat also suggests asking facebook chat to make account changes and that just goes back to "we are unable to make any account changes please call our customer service number".
So if anyone has any advice on what I can do please please please let me know.
Thank you

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Hi there @Deletemyaccountplease101 - are you reachable on your Koodo number right now? (ending in 68?) If so, I can give you a call and verify the account details with you.
I had a scheduled callback for 30 minutes ago that never came so I am unsure if I am reachable. Is there anyway other way? I have my french phone number or I can email you or try to call you directly.
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The process for when you are out of country would be sending Koodo private message via facebook or twitter.
Are you still getting a negative reply from that? I have had previous chats via facebook so I dont see this message
Facebook doesn't work. They say that the feature is new and they are unable to make any account changes and advise you to try and get a callback or something else from their prepared responses
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@Deletemyaccountplease101 - yeah, it appears that it's going directly to voicemail (likely why you weren't able to receive the callback). If you're comfortable sharing your French number, I can remove it once posted to avoid any leakage, since this is a public forum.

@Dennis - There currently a technical issue preventing us from authenticating account owners. Otherwise, yes - that would be the correct path for out of country cancellations.
@Ranjan Koodo xxxxxxxxxxx
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Thanks for the quick chat, @Deletemyaccountplease101 !
As discussed, I'll pass your account info. on to an agent to help process the cancellation, and if you have any further questions about your final bill, or anything else for that matter - give us a shout back here.
Thank you so much!