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Unable to check out

I'm trying to buy the nexus 5 on a $35 plan online, but every time I try to check out, it says "something went wrong". Last night it went through fine, but this morning it's not working.

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It went through fine last night so does that mean your trying to buy a second one?
No, I didn't complete the transaction last night. Now I can't even check out.
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Hey John! We're experiencing technical difficulties with our checkout page and our technical team is working hard on the fix! It should be back up shortly.  Thanks for your patience 🙂!
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Hey John it's fixed now 🙂 !
Melissa wrote:

Hey John it's fixed now 🙂 !

Hi Meilissa,

We are experiencing the same issue today trying to check out with a Nexus 6p on the medium tab plan.