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Unable to change SIM number via Self Serve

I currently have an iPhone 4 with a micro SIM. I bought, second hand, an iPhone 5c with a nano SIM. I visited Koodo's self serve site in order to update to my new phone. I am able to change my sim card number no problem, however when I try to update to my phone with the new meid it tells me that it is invalid. I have triple checked the meid and know that it's correct. I even visited koodo's page where you enter in the meid and it confirmed that it's a valid number, that it should work on koodo's platform, and it confirmed that the meid is not marked as stolen. can anyone help? my last resort is to visit a Koodo shop but hope someone can help me through this.

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What are you trying to do? Once the new sim is activated (takes up to 15 mins) then the new iPhone is ready (may require a reboot).
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If you bought the phone second hand and it came with a SIM Card then are you sure it activated as once a SIM Card is used it's non transferable to a different account.
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Hello Euge,

If the SIM transfer was already made successfully, just put in the new SIM card into the new phone. 
There is no need to make the switch on the website for the actual phone. 

One thing though, your new phone needs to be unlocked or else it won’t work on our network.