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Trouble changing rate plan

  • 26 January 2021
  • 2 replies


I’m a current Koodo customer and I’m trying to change my rate plan through self-serve. I’ve followed the steps listed on the website, but when I’m directed to the page where other rate plans are listed none of them load. For days I’ve tried refreshing the page, deleting my cookies, logging out and back in again, restarting the browser. Any ideas?




2 replies

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What steps did you take?

Login to self serve >  View rate plan > Change my plan?

What browser are you using?   The other function like view usage  and tab balance works?

Can you use different browser and see if it works?

I took those exact steps. I was using Safari on my laptop and Chrome on my phone - neither worked. I didn’t check other functions.

I eventually just reached out to customer service via social media and they switched me over to the plan I wanted.