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Tried logging into Self Serve but I can only change my email, password

Hi...I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but...I tried logging in for the first time and I only get an option to change my email, password, security question, etc. I can't see the billing or plan, etc.

How do I fix this?

I'm wondering if I can block the internet access to strictly wifi only?

Thanks 🙂

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You fix this issue by calling customer service.
Hi Nancy, The situation you're describing is what happens when: (1) You sign up as a second person on an existing account (2) You're signing up for self serve, but someone else activated the phone for you (and they probably gave a different email than what you're using) or (3) You register using a different email address than the email given at the time of activation #1 and 2 are almost the same situation and are pretty common when a parent, spouse, partner activates a phone and then gives it to someone else. To fix the problem for each of the scenarios above: (1) The account owner (the person who bought and activated the phone) will need to login to Self Serve (assuming they already have a Self Serve account) and approve your access by clicking on "My Profile", then "Role Management" and then click the "Confirm Access" link next to your email address. (2) The person who activated the phone should register for Self Serve and then login and approve your access (following the steps in #1) (3) Try registering again with the email you gave at the time of activation Cheers, John