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Transfer status : Cancelled

  • 9 April 2020
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I just received my Koodo sim. I followed the steps to transfer my number from my previous provider but when I click manage my phone number I am greeted by “Transfer status : Cancelled”  “Transfer status: We are having a problem transfering your number. The transfer request for ______ was cancelled.”. I have not yet tried to make the transfer and there is no option to try again. Koodo is unreachable because of Covid so I am now paying two cell phone bills. 

5 replies

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This is strange. I would suggest you contact them by sending message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo (or twitter) and ask a rep there to check.

Dear Koodo,

My Koodo account number is _______. Approximately 3 weeks ago, I received phone call from Ms. Maria Luisa (your rep) about transfering my koodo to Telus. I accepted. 

However, I asked that not change my numbers which are xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx. She said your numbers will not be change. I receive the sim cards and noreply email. I figure out that my number changed to xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx. I can not change my number due to my connections. I dont want to change my numbers. Will you correct this. 

Another problem is fees. I was told by Ms. Luisa there wont be any additional charge and my montly fee will be 55 cad. However, I receive an email saying 40 cad connection fee and montly fee is 65 cad. 

Please help me on that. I cannot change my numbers. I dont want to change my numbers and I want to pay what I was offered. This phone conversation is recorded. 

Please inform me about the situation. My email addres is ________. I will be out of country 3 weeks. 

I look forward to hearing from you

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@Bahadir Yanar : please don't post your personal information here. 

Regarding the number, They gave you a temporary number so you can use those 2 numbers while waiting for the new Telus SIM. You should be able to move your number in telus selfserve. As you are a Telus customer now, you have to contact Telus if you have issue.  

Dear Dinh, Thansk for the advice. I am new here. I made a mistake How can I remove this post. If you can please do so. 


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@Bahadir Yanar I have edited your personal information, since this should not be posted on a public forum. If the account is active with Telus with temporary phone numbers, you can either transfer the current Koodo phone numbers from Telus Self-Serve as @Dinh advised or reach out to Telus via their official Facebook or Twitter pages.