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Tracking phone order.

Hello, I am an existing Koodo customer and ordered a new phone on Sunday to be delivered but I did not recieve any confirmation email nor can I find any record of the order in my Self Serve. How can I track my order to find out when it will arrive?

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Once it's processed you will receive an email with details. Make sure to check your spam folder to see if it has been delivered there .
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Hello Robin! For more info regarding your online order, please visit https://www.koodomobile.com/webstore-policies. Have a good one!
Karine wrote:

Hello Robin! For more info regarding your online order, please visit [url=https://www.koodom...

Thanks Karine,
I took a look at the link and I never received a confirmation email of my order (which would also be my receipt). However, I did take a screen shot when finishing my order so I have the confirmation number. It's HFO5673853. I ordered the phone on Sunday, do you think you could find out when I can expect to get the tracking information?
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Hi Robin!

Since we don't have the information on specific orders that were made online, you can contact the Web-store directly.

Here's their contact info:

Call: 1-844-566-3697 (1-844-KOODO-WS)
Email: koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com

Hope that helps:)