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The self Serve web site isn't current, often out, inaccessable or not up to date for things like data usage etc.

I'd just like to see better, up to date Self Serve. I love my Koodo phone and service.

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What do you mean? I love Koodo's self serve. I can do almost anything I need to do on there. Do you mean the usage information? Because it's always a few hours behind and that's how it is. It can't be real-time information
I also have problems with the site when i'm trying to change my features and other things. I always have to call in and have them do it. All in all it's not a great site. Don't get me wrong, I love koodo, i just think they need to invest some time and money on the site.
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Like Ahmed explained it, you can wait until you get your bill to check your AT/DATA/SMS usage.