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I am a "basic monthly" customer..ı had my koodo 4 days ago...when I try to connect teh web page od Self Serve I receive "The page you requested was not found." message...do you know why? thanks

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"basic monthly" customer." - Do you mean you have a postpaid account? Did you register for Self Serve? http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/registering/how-do-i-register-for-self-serve Make sure you register for right one(postpaid or prepaid)
Well..nice question but what is the difference...
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Hi Atakan, To begin, when people offer to help you out, just make sure to answer their questions and not question it. We ask questions to be better able to answer you. Especially when you have a Mobile Master such as Mayumi! The reason we need to know if you have a postpaid or prepaid account is that both account use different web pages for self serve and this allows us to better answer your question directly and not have to give a vague response. A Error 404 typically happens when your web browser is unable to communicate with the page you are trying to connect to. The best thing to do in this case is to ensure the address of the page you are trying to access is correct. If it is correct, then try it on a different web browser or a different device. If you are still having the same message there is a good chance there is an issue on the side of the web page and you should try again in a few minutes. Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot...but i had to ask that question because i did not know the exact answer...i did learn it after i called customer service...so there is always a reason that i ask a question...your answer helped...best regards
i am having the same problems actually..i am a monthly customer registered for over a year on self serve and have consistently used it online for over a year however the last two months i have great difficulty even getting to the koodo home page...for over a year i have used my bookmark on my browsers bar to go to koodo to pay my bill/view my account...that stopped working two months ago i would get page not available...i cleared my cache went to google searched koodo and went directly from that link...got the home page however when i clicked self serve got the same not available message...this was last month and after a few tries i managed to get in...i deleted my bookmark and made a new one with the working page...figured maybe the address changed with the launch of the new selfserve...this month it is worse...not only does my new bookmark not work but i cannot get to the main koodo page even...not even from search results...cache cleared and all...even tried with IE still nothing...tried from the link on my koodo bill email and the only thing i can get to is here, communities! this is the 'details' on the error page i get on chrome The webpage at https://www.koodomobile.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED did the new self serve launch cause problems?
Thanks God..i am not the only one...i still have the same problem...i'll go to a koodo shop and pay my bill...
if you downloaded the self serve app onto your phone it works there...it seems to be only affecting the online site from computers whatever is going on
I also tried that but it said taht i needed approval from the manager???? I dont understand what is going on
I also tried that but it said taht i needed approval from the manager???? I dont understand what is going on
go online to google play store on your phone and search 'koodoo self serve' under apps and install it then you can register your account and view bills and pay bills etc...
having same problem, so how do you even see your usage or what your bill actually is ? 

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Yep thats Koodo for you, they claim that you can access their precious self serve 24/7 yet everytime i try to access it theres an issue somewhere. Also, the new self serve is supposed to be better yet there are tons of things that were removed and that can only be accessed from the old self serve such as pre auth credit card payments. Or the fact that ebill notifications can not be edited anymore.
Dear Nancy, I really gave up and do not try the web page anymore...I have never seen a web system recovery that took so long...anyway, I pay my bill each month...that's all..:-)
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One of the many reasons why i quit koodo