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The automated billing system freezes at step-1

The Koodo online payment system would not continue past step-1, even though the correct bill payment amount was showing in the box for amount to be paid.. Note the amount was automatically there and I pressed next and it failed to go to step-2, so I tried entering the amount manually and it still would not work, I tried 6 to 10 times and it kept malfunctioning.
It may be the online survey software working in the background through the company called Qualtricks Survey solutions is causing the automated payment system to disrupt and force security protective measures stopping payments from being made.
Could the Qualtrics software be reconized as a security risk by the Koodo online billing system to customers.

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Hey there John Can't you close that software and see if it works?
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I can assure John, the survey you are referring to poses no breach whatsoever. When you try to go to step to and press 'next' does anything happen? Or the page literally freezes at that point?