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Tab has one payment left. Would like to upgrade phone/start new tab.

  • 20 April 2020
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I have one payment left on my previous tab for $21. Additionally, I currently do not have ANY balance owing.

I am attempting to pre-order the IPhone SE. The only options available are Tab Medium through self-serve but I would like to start a new Extra Large Tab. I do not have this option available, yet it is advertised on the Koodo website.

I thought maybe paying off remaining tab would allow me to have the option available but when I try to pay the remainder it does not allow me to. 

Any help would be appreciated to allow me to give Koodo the $21 dollars I owe them to either begin a new Extra Large Tab or discontinue my service following my final upcoming bill payment.

I’ve been a Koodo customer for close to 10 years. 


6 replies

Yes I would love to get a new cell phone

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Do you have to be on the SPending Limit program?  Have you had any late payments?  How long have you been with Koodo?

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Yes I would love to get a new cell phone

@June Jennifer  you can order from Koodo’s website


I have no idea if I’m on a spending limit program.  

I’ve been with Kodoo for approx. 7-8 years. 

On another note, if I wish to discontinue my service with Kodoo following my final payment being processed, how do I reach someone to be able to do so?

Is this possible through self-serve? 

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If you are on the tab large now, then I don’t think you are on the spending limit.

Did you try to go to their site and pitch a phone and chose Extra large to add it to cart, then login to self serve to continue.  Is this work? 

If you want to cancel your service, you need to contact them to do do. Use Koodo assist to set up call back.

Or if you port/transfer your number to different provider, then your account will be close automatically. And Koodo will send you a final bill. 

But, if you see better deal with Koodo, then I would contact them through FB and ask them to see why you can’t use Tab you want.