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Switching iphone 4S to LG 235

My daughter's iphone 4S's screen is broken and she would like to use an old phone that we have at the house that no one is using now. It is an LG235. When I enter the MEID number from the LG, I receive the following message: New hardware is incompatible with the old hardware. The equipment exchange cannot be performed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Is it one of the older model CDMA phones, Carla? Chances are that it won't work because Koodo is in the process of eliminating that old network in favor of the upgraded HSPA/LTE network. You may need to invest in a newer phone that takes a SIM card. Sorry to hear her phone broke though!
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You might want to consider getting the Iphone 4s repaired. I believe screen replacement should be less than $100. In my opinion the 4s is still a great phone. (assuming nothing else is wrong with it)