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Swapping phones with SelfServe

How can I buy a new phone from Koodo without getting another SIM card and Plan? When I try swapping phones with SelfServe it asks for a new SIM card number but I want to use the one I have.

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So are you buying another phone from the Web store or do you already have the new phone and just want to swap devices? If it's the former, I think you can take out the new SIM card in your order if you're logged in first. If it's the latter, then all you have to do is pop in your old SIM into the new phone and you're good to go. No need to update self serve.
Yeah, I'm buying from the Web Store, but during checkout the Phone includes a SIM card and says I'm required to choose a plan, but I'm also able to checkout without choosing a plan, do I only swap if I already have the new phone with me?
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If you want to buy a phone through self serve : Logon to your Self serve first > Click on Phones under Koodo logo > Choose your phone and click "Add to cart" > select a plan will appear, but just click "Cart" and "Check out" on the top right corner > Check out now > Existing customer > Enter your credit card and shipping info Swapping phones means you already have a phone with you and upgrade it. Add: Once you receive a new phone and if it use same size sim , you just insert your old SIM into the new phone.
Thanks you guys!