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Suddenly cannot make international calls

I have the 1000 Intl LD min Bonus V2 added to my phone. Haven't ever had a problem calling internationally until about a month ago it just stopped working...I get a message saying "you are not able to make international calls on this phone" or something like that. I haven't changed any of the features so I'm not sure why this is happening. Tried to add the international long distance saver monthly add-on ($3) thinking that this is what is needed...when I click "get this add on" it just takes me back to the page with my name and phone number on it. I click on that and it takes me back to the page with an overview of my current plan but it does not add the add-on. This has happened several times and it's getting really frustrating. Not sure why it just suddenly stopped working in the first place....

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Hi Lisa - verifying that the 1,000 long distance promo add-on is indeed on your line ending in 31, and it should be working correctly. I've checked the services/features and added the free option for 'pay-per-use intl. long distance' - might make a difference. Can you try rebooting your phone now (power off and back on), and try placing a call again to see if it works?
It works now. Thank you for your help.