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Sorry, this phone number is already in use

I ported my koodo number over to Virgin since they were offering $55 10GB. After finding out theres a $10 promo on to it I switched back to Koodo to get the $60 10GB plan.

The rep at the Koodo kiosk told me I can port the number ported to Virgin the next day. So I waited and tried to port it using self serve, and itis showing me the error message, "Sorry, this phone number is already in use"

I called Koodo about this issue & they told me that the port is not completed, and that its not completed on Virgin's side. So they told me to contact them and I did. The Virgin rep told me that the port was completed the same day that I signed up for the account. I'm not sure what's going on right now. Does anyone have an idea why I'm unable to port back to Koodo?

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Maybe just wait a couple of days before you try to port it back to Koodo.