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Someone else's profile is showing up ...

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The problem is fixed now, i think ... but for the last 20 minutes (May 7th at 11:10pm), when i tried logging in to my account on the self serve app on my iPhone 4S, someone else's profile / account (someone in 403 area code ... and I don't even live in Alberta) is showing up. I tried logging out and re-logging in, i tried restarting my phone, reinstalling that app, etc ... and it's still showing up as someone else. :S I tried logging to my account on a computer instead and it's the right account.

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Yeah it's an issue that's just popping up. I'm including your thread in a list that Im passing on to a Koodo rep. Not sure why it's happening but it seems to be happening to people on the 4S so far.
I have heard of this happening to others as well, must be a temporary bug, but needs to be fixed asap thanks for bringing it to everyones attention 🙂
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Hey Bonita we're currently looking into this, thanks for the heads up!