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Slow Koodo self-service website

Is anyone experiencing extremely slow (or never loads) Koodo self-service website past couple of days?
Also wanna add that I tried all the usual suspects (clear cache, history etc etc) and besides other websites working fine

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We haven't gotten any other feedback on that. I'm looking at the page load stats and all seems to be fine. What browser are you using?
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I'm checking my son's usage almost everyday and I didn't notice any issue. 
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Didn't notice any slowdowns or any issues at all with loading self serve here either, using Chrome browser
thanks everyone, I'm using Safari and normally works great, sounds like it's likely a problem at my end, but was worth checking
we're in an older part of town and finally I think they're supposed to bring fibre optic this summer...
I am also experiencing problems with self-serve on PC for the last 24 hours, "server reached re-direct limits" on both Chrome IE and even a different persons house.
I am able to get in via Android App but not on PC
[b]selfserveaccount.koodomobile.com redirected you too many times.

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•Make sure the web address https://selfserveaccount.koodomobile.com is correct