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SIM Cards - back and forth

Currently I have an iPhone5 and a Motorola Q10. The iPhone5 takes a nano-SIM card while the Motorola Q10 takes a micro-SIM card. What I want to do is move my services on the nano-SIM to the micro-SIM so I can use the Motorola Q10. If I want, can I move my services back and forth between the two SIM cards so that I can use the different hardware using the 2 existing SIM cards? Or do I have to buy a new SIM card each time I switch back and forth?

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you can use the two existing sim cards but you MUST remember this important note: A sim card cannot be UNUSED for more than 90 days. SO make sure you switch to each sim card at least once every 90 days and you're fine. You could also go to Best Buy and buy a sim adapter ($10) for your nano sim card that allows your nano sim to fit into the micro-sim slot. Either option is fine, I've done both. Just your preference 🙂
Thank you
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Adaptors are a bad idea for iPhones.. They Always get stuck/don't fit well.. I would switch between the two SIM cards (but make sure you do it atleast once every 90 days). Nice and easy via self serve
I have a Galaxy II and a Motorola something, both cards are different, yet they have the same size and pattern chip. So long as you're using the smaller card to transfer into a larger slot, you should be fine, although it will take some finesse to line it up correctly, yet I was able to do this without issue and can use the card from my Motorola (smaller) to fit into the galaxy. The Motorola gets better reception where I live, but the galaxy has external storage and can be better used if i need to take more pictures when i go on outings. Hope that helps, although Im not sure about your own applications.
S Godfrey wrote:

I have a Galaxy II and a Motorola something, both cards are different, yet they have the same siz...

To clarify, I only use one sim card and this is the one from my Motorola. No need to buy a new sim card if this works for you. 🙂