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  • 15 November 2021
  • 5 replies

Try to change my sim card but receive an error message after entering my verification code 

5 replies

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Whats the error message that you’re getting?

we can t complete this  process right now. try  again later.

It has been 2 days in a row now. 

I just tried in another browser...same error message.  It passes the new sim card number validation . it is just the returning message after entering the validation code I received through email.

can you help? do you need more info about my account?

Thank you!

Hi Allan,

as I can not receive the activation code by text (this is why I have to change my sim card) I have to receive it by email. I just noticed in my profile that my email address was not validated yet!! (for some reason I do not understand). So I complete the validation link process. Now when I tried to change my new sim card, the new message says I have to wait for 48 hours since my email address was activated.

so my question is: do you think the original  error message  I received (try again later) was due to the fact that my email address was not validated yet? 

Thank you.

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Hi @Benjamin Lebienheureux i just saw your private message. Have you resolved your sim swap issue?