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Signed up for Koodo today, can't access self serve

Hey, I signed up for Koodo today and I am not able to access my self serve. Every time I try to log in, it gives me an error message "The account manager for this account needs to approve your request for access." I signed my own account up today and have no one else registered on my account, how do I get access? What is the issue?

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The account unfortunately was set up incorrectly and needs to be changed by Koodo, you'll need to call in or you can try to send them a Private Message on Facebook and see if they could help you out there as it may be quicker as wait times when calling in can be excessively long at times..
Yes I had the same problem because an E was missing in my email. They had to delete my profile then recreate it with my corrected email. No $10 charge LOL!