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Show List of Past Activated Sim Cards on your Line that are Still Good for Use with a Counter of Days Remaining Until Permanent Deactivation

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As some of us are aware, sim cards once activated on your line and then swapped out for a new sim are only good to be reactivated on your phone within 90 days. My idea is 2 fold. The first part is to have listed, all sim cards that are still good to be reactivated for use "on the line" (hehe... got to watch The Internship again, but i really mean on the phone line). This list of Sims can be noted in the Swap My Phone section on self serve. The second part is to also indicate the days remaining until the sim is permanently deactivated with a note that reactivating will trigger a new 90 day countdown until permanent deactivation. The benefits here is for those with multiple sims that are used to know when to reactivate them before the sim is junk. This will help reduce the costs to purchase new sims and would be good for the environment as not to needlessly waste sim cards who become permanently deactivated unknowingly. And for people who read this in the distant future, this idea was generated during the Great Brain Storm of 2014. Many great people where lost in the search for the holy grail of the AI smartphone that can flush the toilet while cooking dinner and disciplining the kids at the same time. It would also be powered by unlimited everything and given to the people by freewill during the time of much need.

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