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Setting up pre-authorized payment error

  • 10 July 2019
  • 3 replies

When I try to add a pre-authorized payment using my credit card it shows an error. Infact it doesnt allow to me pay from my credit card.
I get this error while setting up pre-authorized payment using credit card
Hmm...something's not adding up. We're not able to process your payment right now, please try again later.

As such, I am able to pay all other things or setup pre-authorized payments using the same credit card on Fido or Rogers.

3 replies

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Are you a new customer? and Are the address of the creditcard and the account identical?

There could also a problem with their system, you could try it later or tomorrow and see if it goes through.
Yes, I am a new customer and address are same on the credit card and account.

Definitely some problem with their system. However, I tried it on several occasions, I get same error. Also when I tried to pay in person, the card was refused.
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What card was it? When you mentioned "pay in person" you meant you paid through the view my bill in selfserve and paid?, if you saw same errors everywhere, it could be an issue with your card.

you could always contact Koodo directly and ask if they can have an official answer for you. You could send message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo or setup a callback.