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Setting Up My Account

I did do some searching but necessarily see this question...perhaps I'm blind? I am just wondering if I am able to set up my initial account through self-serve or if that is something that has to be done at a Store or through Customer Service? Looking through the 'Call Us' section refers to the costs associated, etc but if I go to the self-serve page it wants an account number? Thanks!

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IF you call Koodo to help set up your Self Serve account, there is no fee.
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Hi there Carl... If you are an existing customer and you are talking about setting up your Self Serve account, then, when you signed up for the first time and if you provided an e-mail, Koodo sent you an e-mail to set it up, if you do not have that e-mail, feel free to call Customer Service, they will help you out to get your Self Serve account up and running... There is no cost for calling Customer Service and getting the Self Serve set up... Fees come when clients request a transaction that they can do directly using the Self Serve portal...
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If you do not yet have koodo service but have a sim card or a koodo cdma phone, you need to call the activations line at 1-866-995-6636 to activate an account first. If you don't have anything yet you need to buy a phone, either through the webstore or at a koodo retailer.
If you are talking about activating a line with Koodo, you need to go into store with two pieces of ID such as a driver's license and credit card. If you are talking about needing help for setting up a Self-Serve account itself, Koodo would have sent an email for helping you set up the online account or the sales rep would have included a sheet that says "Thanks for going with Koodo". On the back of this sheet, there are step by step instructions on how to set up Self-Serve. After all this, if you are still having trouble setting it up, feel free to call into customer service and they will not charge you for asking questions! If you come into store, they will probably not be able to help you because customer service can see the needed details for opening that self-serve that sales reps do not have such as the pin and email. Really hope this helped 🙂