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Set up new monthly account using old prepaid account email - issues with self-serve

  • 21 March 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi, I just switched from prepaid to monthly.

My phone is working fine but when I log into self serve, which I did using the same e-mail as my prepaid account, many of the options/pages are appearing as blank to me. I also never got an activation email when I set up this account. Based on other forum posts I've read with the same issue, it seems like I need a 'reset'? Could a Koodo representative please explain and do that for me?


4 replies

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I flagged your issue.

As for explaining, it's becasue your e-mail is still related to the old account. That's why it's happening.
Thanks! By explain, I meant explain what a "reset" will do - do I lose anything?
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Thanks! By explain, I meant explain what a "reset" will do - do I lose anything?

It will remove the email from the former account information so there is no longer a clash. No changes to your current account.
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Hello Protomartyr,

I proceeded to reset the access for your Self Serve account for the same e-mail used to sign up on Koodo Community.

The error happens when there is a linkage to an old account just like Robert T said.

The e-mail has been added to your Koodo postpaid account only now.

Please proceed to complete the 3 step registration with your e-mail, chosen password and security question using the link you will find in the last e-mail from us.

Let us know if you gained access!