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I've been a Koodo customer since the end of October, 2014, and have never had an issue using the Koodo Selfserve app until recently. I've been registered to use the app since my services began, but upon attempt to sign in the past few days, I've been unsuccessful. A message box appears that tells me that I have either an incorrect password, or username. I have re-entered both, still unsuccessful, yet I can access the full website without a hiccup. Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong? I value the use of checking my usage and paying my bill through my phone.

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Sometimes it does this to me but adding an extra space on your phone when you enter your e-mail adress makes the app go "this is not a good koodo account". It usually happens with some specific keyboards
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Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app
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Or just use the beta website in your browser. ..I never felt the need for the app since I bookmarked it.