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selfeserve.koodomobile.com doesn't work on my phone?

  • 15 January 2013
  • 3 replies

Whenever i try to login to selfeserve on my blackberry, I keep on getting an error saying there's a problem with my selfeserve account. But it works fine on the computer, and the app works (abiet painfully)

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3 replies

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Hey there, the URL: selfserve.koodomobile.com is no longer in service. The correct (new) URL is actually: koodomobile.com/selfserve
that's not the mobile friendly version. It works, but you try using it on a 2.5" screen. and selfeserve.koodomobile.com is a pernament bookmark that's pushed to my phone.
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Not sure what to say. I tested the site on the computer and my iPhone and selfserve.koodomobile.com worked for me. Maybe it's no longer supported but could work randomly?