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Self-serve usage delayed updating

Hi -- I noticed that my self-serve is showing information that is a day behind (ie. data usage, texts, etc.) since the weekend. For example today it's only updated to yesterday morning. Just wondered why that would be.

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Hi patty... The information shown on the Self Service portal has always a delay, usually is not that long, it is supposed to be just a couple of hours... During the weekend the system had some updates, this could be the reason... But why do you say that the info is delayed since this weekend? Are you comparing the info with any other source like apps?
It's delayed by about 24 hours, it's currently showing April 9 at 8 a.m. I first noticed this Sunday or Monday when I wanted to check data usage, and it hasn't caught up yet.
Sorry, to answer your original question, I was just comparing it to previous times when I used the Self-Serve, when there seemed to be a delay of only two or three hours.
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I understand... Usage figures are approximate, they may not reflect most recent usage due to network delays or if you have recently changed your plan. I guess now you will have to wait to see if the info is updated...
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Even on Koodo's system, there could be delays UP TO 24 hours. That's standard across the board for airtime, texts, and data use. I don't think they are going to change that, but you never know. the next system update could provide a closer time frame.