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When purchasing my phone I registered my email address with the customer service representative and was informed that I would be getting an email to register for Self Serve. It is now two days later and I have not received this email, although I did receive one in regards to my extended warranty. I decided to take the initiative and register online but was told that my email address is being used by another account. I tried registering with the app and received the message that Either my account was closed our that I have a corporate account which is not currently supported by this app...neither of which are true. Please HELP as i would rather not cancel my service with Koodo over this matter.

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So you never received the email? Have you checked junk folder? Maybe someone else crested the account for you if he has acess to your email...
I have checked my junk folder, it's not there or in any other folder. I created the account myself. No one else has access to my email.
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Send a private message on Koodo’s Facebook or Twitter page.

Those reps have access to your account, which we don’t have on this board, and you will avoid waiting on hold in the telephone queue.