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Self Serve portal load scalability and ability request account change/promotion application option from self serve menu!

With last few promotions from Koodo and current 60$ 10G promotion, customer support is overwhelmed and community forums is full of upset customers. If Koodo does not allow for customer to switch to new promotion on their own within self serve, would it be helpful to have an option for a customer to apply for the promotion from self serve? 

That way, the request would be queued, the customer does not need to spend the whole weekend on the phone trying to reach Koodo CS, also since the request was be submitted before the deadline then it would be reviewed by appropriate department from support team at any point can review and apply the promo even if they are reviewing it after the deadline.

That being said, the self serve portal should be able scalable to handle influx of users. With all of the cloud tech currently available, spawning new instances on demand for self serve portal should be a piece of cake. Once the rush is over then all of the extra spawned instances can automatically terminated (you know pay for what you use). Scalability is not a new term, method or approach, and I am sure teams from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Ali Cloud would love to help to set up the infrastructure needed. Getting a good "Dev Ops" guy and automation/load specialist would be also an asset (they would be able to make sure that the infrastructure can handle the load).

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Great idea however you know if the customer gets an unfavourable reply they will be calling rendering all this moot
There is always someone that will call, but if you don't innovate, improve or provide alternative solutions then nothing will ever change.