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Self Serve: multiple lines on single account

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In response to@BryanHart_ on Twitter: http://twitter.com/BryanHart_/status/390503564482600961 @koodo FYI. feedback was: multiple lines on single account, don't want to share login to track data usage. How do you add account members?

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I don't see any way to do this in Self Serve. I'd recommend calling Customer Support.
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I'm a little confused. Do you have multiple lines under one account? Or do you want to add multiple line under your account?
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You can create multiple manager profiles, each associated to a different line on the account. Just follow these steps: 1. Register again with a different email (probably the other user's email). 2. Specify the number you want to give them access to (they will be able to change the plan, view usage, etc. on this one line only). 3. Authorize access to that line using the owner profile that should already exist To my knowledge there is no limit to the number of managers you can have associated to your account.