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self serve log in problems

i've been trying to log in to my self serve account (currently locked out for an hour :S ) so i can change the email address with which koodo contacts me, as the address i currently use (a university email) has been deleted because they upgraded the whole mailing system at my school (something i was not informed of beforehand).
as you can see, i'm able to log in to my koodo community account here, which i was quite certain i had made the exact same email/pass combo as self-serve, but i guess not?? and unfortunately i can't do something as simple as a password reset because it will send that email to an account that no longer exists.

need some help/suggestions

......wish koodo had something like Google where they just send a text to your phone with a verification PIN *sigh*

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Send off a private message to Koodo via Facebook or DM via Twitter explaining g your situation and they'll be able to reset your account to have a different email address.