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Self Serve: Data Throttling Option and Plans Data Throttled overage

Self Serve: Would be nice if you had an option in self serve to throttle your own data. Options like: 10kbps 15kbps 20kbps 25kbps This would be really handy to have for multiple reasons including limiting the use of data on kids phones eg: can still check facebook but wouldn't really be able to watch video's and do other high data actions. Plans & Add-ons: Yes unlimited data has been suggested 1000 times but why not have a throttled data plan, lets say you get 2GB fast internet with your plan after that is used up you get unlimited at 10 to 15kbps for like 100$ a month. anyways have a great day!

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just saying but 25kbps is REALLY slow.. unusable actually. I'm not too sure how i feel about data being throttled but the speeds you mentioned are unusable. Good idea though 🙂 I think its been mentioned before for data speeds to be throttled after all your data is usedup.
Those speeds are fine for text based services, won't be good for pictures and videos but would be fine for emails and smaller things. edit* sorry meant kb/sec