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Self Serve Account Waiting to be approved

I tried to register for self serve, registered and got an email link.
The link says [i]"Our records indicated you have already confirmed your email address. The link that you have attempted to use is no longer available and has expired."

When I tried to log on again, I got this message [i]"You're still waiting to be approved
[i]Looks like this account has already been linked to another email address. You're still waiting for permission from the owner of that email address. We'll email you once you're approved."

Now I am stuck.

BTW, I ordered a wireless home home phone and the account number is no where to be found.

Still waiting for the webstore 844 566 3697  to return my phone call.

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You mostly signed up with the wrong e-mail address that's why. Try contacting Koodo via FB!
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Try the Forgot Password link on the login page with the original email address for the account. If that does not work, you may be best to contact Koodo to confirm the email address on record is correct, and get a reset of your account.