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Self Serve Account Needs Approval

I recently split my original koodo account into two separate accounts to split one number from the rest for billing purposes, and when I try to log into self serve in my new account, it keeps saying that I need my email verified before I can use my account but we have not recieved any emails regarding verification on either of the two account emails. I also have yet to pay a bill from this new account so I don’t know my new account number so I can’t reset it.

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Hello Tomi,

I think you might need to contact Koodo for this. I would've like to give you some help but it's out of the community's reach! It's not urgent so give them a message on FB (www.m.me/Koodo)
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Did you ever login to self serve before?  The original self serve login for the remaining account should still work.  

For the new account that was split out, a new email should have been requested during the account set up.  Check the spam email folder to see if the verification email is there