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self serve account error

  • 22 October 2020
  • 3 replies

Yesterday I went to Koodo and switched my phone from Rogers to Koodo. I wanted to keep my same number but I didn’t have my old account number on hand so they gave me a temporary number and a SIM card and told me to activate it and switch my number at home once I had my old account number. I got an email saying to finish setting up my self serve account in order to switch my number so I clicked the link but it needs my phone number so I put my number in and it says it’s not a number in the system. They didn’t tell me what my temporary number is. So I’m stuck on how to proceed 

3 replies

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Call a friend and ask what number you were calling from.

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On Android you can usually find the number by going to settings->about phone.

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Is your ‘old’ account still active?

You should find out your old account number as it will be required for you old number transfer to koodo.

Also, your old account needs to be active to allow you to port your old number to Koodo.