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  • 8 February 2021
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Now it’s Tax Time, Scam Calls have increased a lot. 

I switched in September from TelusMobility to Koodo for better plan as I have now retired. I am just everyday getting Scam Calls 4 or 5 on my Cell. My Home phone has been silent for a while as i used to get same amount of calls ……. if not CRA then it’s my SIN#. 

How do these people get away with this and nothing can be done ………. is there anything we can do for Mobile users so such calls come through? 

What responsibility does the service provider have to control this scam call. Today I received 2 already and the day is not over??

1 reply

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Not that much atm. They did institute call control but that is mainly good for robo-callers:


Beyond that just ignore them.