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Review request for access to account - fraud?

Last night, i received 10 emails informing me that someone had requested access to my account. The email said to log in and go to Profile>RoleManagement and I'd be able to approve or deny this request. When I go there, I see the 10 names, and it says "Access Pending" but there is no way to remove them or deny access. Suggestions?

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I would call *611 on your Koodo cell. Very suspicious activity especially if they are 10 different names
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First rule of thumb is never, ever to click a link in a message that was sent to you, Jon. Chances are that the address is spoofed and you log into a hacked service. Even if you think the message is genuine, type in the address manually. Be careful that the last two words should contain the trusted address - i.e. selfservice.koodomobile.com can be trusted, selfservice.koodomobile.somethingunknownhere.com is fake for sure. If you use a service like LastPass (highly recommended!) you will easily notice this, because on fake addresses your login information will not even appear. Lastly, as Dennis recommended, I would contact Koodo to tell them you may have been a victim of a scam attempt... I am sure they'd want to know! BTW I am curious on what account you received the authorisation requests?
Thanks for replying, Dennis and Sophia. Dennis, I will call Koodo this morning......It wasn't 10 names, it was 2 names 5x each. Female name and male name with same last name. Sophia, Good advice to never click a link in an email...I would never do it! I navigated to KoodoMobile on my computer, and thats where I saw the requests. After looking at the email more closely, I am pretty sure it was genuinely from Koodo, but still didn't click on it. I will call them soon and reply back with the results.
Ok, just got off the phone with Koodo. She thought it was somone who just made a mistake. I am not so sure, but maybe that's just my suspicious nature. 🙂 She cleared all the entries and they are gone from my profile now. I truly hope that is the end of it! Thanks again to Dennis and Sophia for your input!
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Jon wrote:

Ok, just got off the phone with Koodo. She thought it was somone who just made a mistake. I am ...

Thanks for letting us know. Scary when things like that happen! I would change your password just in case... I know I know I'm a bit paranoid, haha.