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Reset Password Email I did not request

  • 16 November 2022
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Hi all. This afternoon I received an email from Koodo with a link to reset my password - it’s legit but I never requested a password change. I didn’t click the link but I logged into my self serve and changed the password. I’m just concerned why I received the email. I tried calling but Koodo said a callback could be scheduled. Thank you.

Need to reset your password? Log into Self Serve below.

If you didn't request a password reset, please call us free of charge at 1-866-995-6636 or *611 from your mobile phone.

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4 replies

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That is very weird indeed. Where did the e-mail come from? What’s the address? Have you clicked on any links in the e-mail? 

Sometime phasing e-mails might be VERY similar to the real deal until you realize the website you’ve been on is not one related to Koodo at all. 

customerservice@koodomobile.com Is the email address. 

the link brings you to: profile.Koodomobile.com/clientidenity/reset password page.

it is legit. I didn’t request a password reset though and when I checked what that entails I’d have to enter my name and email address to receive such an email. 

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Is your email closely associated to your name? Like first.lastname@gmail.com?
If so someone with the same name may have just accidentally typed your email in.

If you can still login I’d say there’s nothing to worry about. You can feel free to change your password and/or email though if that brings some peace of mind.

Yes, that’s the exact format of my email address however my name is very uncommon. 

I changed my password already and I can login so hopefully everything is fine!