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Replacement Telus Nokia 520 for broken Koodo Nokia 520

Replaced damaged Koodo Nokia 520 with Telus Nokia 520 inserted sim and micro card working ok getting koodo screen and calls . I have an error message 80072F30 when syncing hotmail and gmail . Is there a server for hotmail seetings ? and one for gmail ? the gamil one is imap.gmail.comm:993:1

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You need the APN settings. Try Ivan's method here: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/what_are_the_apn_and_mms_settings_for_a_nokia_920_on_koodo#reply_12057169
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Are you able to browse? As I've replied on the other thread, it's a glitch (I've had it). If removing and re-adding the account doesn't work, then try a soft reset (hold volume down and power keys until the phone shuts off and vibrates. Your personal data will not be affected. My advice is to remove the accounts, perform the soft reset, and then try adding them again. If all else fails, consider chatting with Nokia Care: http://www.nokia.com/ca-en/support/contact/ Their chat support hours are 10:00 to 20:00 EST.