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Registering Self Serve as a Manager

How do you register your account so you can actually view your bill and pay it ?!?

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Ive done that however when I sign in it only allows me to change my security info and not actually DO anything. You posted on someones elses question that they have to register as a manager or something but nowehere does it provide this option
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So in that case, you will need to call customer service. They can fix it for you. Dial ,*611 from your phone pption 5 for customer service. or keep pressing 0 to get an agent.
Why wouldn't it let me do this in the first place, makes no sense ...
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@ Bryon, are you using the email address you provided when you activated? If not, the could be the culprit!!
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The problem is not that you must register as an account manager, the problem is that you ARE registered as an account manager. Only the account owner and account managers who have been approved under the account owner's login have access to account details. The usual cause of this problem is a typo when entering the email address for the account owner, either by you or the employee activating your koodo service. The only sure way to fix it is to call in.