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question time for me ... its about my koodo login :)

I dont remember my fiancee account sign in or password . And the email account that was on it is no longer in use we deleted ... I am autherized to go on his account but what should I do should I call ?. And also when I sign in ... can I acctivate a koodo phone myself or do I have to bring it to a teller ?:). Thanks in advance

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🙂 . And does anyone have the number handy
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You would need to call to have them reset the self serve account. The number is 1-866-995-6636 🙂 hope that helps
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Hi April, Amanda is correct that you'd need to contact customer service to have them reset the self serve account. You can also dial *611 from your Koodo phone (free call) and press 0 a few times to speak with a rep. When it comes to activating a new phone on the self serve account you do the following: Log in and click on Mobile Phone, then there should be the option for multiple lines, choose your phone number then select Change Phone and then enter in the New Sim card number (if you have a new one), and then follow the prompts afterwards, and insert the sim card into the new phone. Mind you that if the old sim card from your other phone will fit in the new phone just simply swap the sim card into the new phone and away you go, no need to change anything on the self serve account. Hope that helps too 🙂