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Purchasing and activating a SIM online

Is it possible to complete a purchase online for just a SIM plan? i.e. Can I get a SIM sent to me that I can insert into a phone at my home? Or do I have to take my phone into a kiosk?

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If you already have an active account for which you intend to use the SIM, then yes. You can purchase it online and use Self Serve to change the active SIM on the account. Otherwise, you need to visit a retail location (Koodo or authorized reseller) because 2 pieces of ID are required to perform the required credit check when setting up a new account, even if you're not buying a phone on the Tab.
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Yes, but when you order ONLY select the sim, not the plan. At last check if you select a plan you will be forced to buy a phone as well before the site will let you check out. You can check out with just a sim card though, although if you do not currently have a koodo account you will need to call in to activate it.
Thanks 🙂