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Purchasing a new phone

I'm currently up at school three hours from home and my phone just completely crashed. Problem solving did absolutely nothing. I'm wondering if I go to a koodo kiosk if I can activate a new phone and pay down my tab, since my parents whose the plan is under are hours away.

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You need to be an authorized user on the account, otherwise no. So have your parents call them and add you on.
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I always cringe when this comes up, since authorising a user to buy a phone on the tab is a different procedure than simply adding their name to the account as an authorized user. Unfortunately a large number of agents do not seem to realize this, which has resulted in quite a few wasted trips to the store.
That's what I'm trying to avoid. I don't really want to drive an hour to the nearest kiosk to have them tell me I can't do anything about the situation.
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About the best I can tell you is that agents do have the ability to add you to the list of people authorized to buy a phone [i]if they do it right. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that they will do so. That's why the question makes me cringe.
Thanks Timo!