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problem logging into my Koodo account on one phone but not the other

I talked with a Koodo rep about a problem I have logging into my account on my S20 phone but no problem on my s10 or tablet. They told me to shut the phone down and start up and relink to wifi. That still doesn't work. 

Any thoughts?

Thanks Mike

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Clear the browser's cache on the phone with the issue 

Thank you for your reply. 

However that didn't help.

It says, This site can't be reached.  The connection was reset.

Can you advise a way to clear cache totally on a Samsung S20?

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What app are you using in the S20? Are you using the Chrome webbrowser? 

Hi Dennis. Thank you for your help.

No I uuuse the Samsung Internet app.

I use the same Samsung Internet app on my S10 and it works.

I can get to the Koodo website, but when I click the log in button it tries to log in but the address line goes back to identity. koodomobility.com. Then in the address line I see that it switches to the log in address and Itty can't continue and its goes back to the identity. koodomobile.com and the page is blank with the message This site can't be reached. The connection was reset.

I appreciate your time and effort with this.

Thanks Mike

Hi Dennis.

I switched to Chrome and was able to log in.

That is strange since I have always used Samsung Internet and never had a problem before. This just started 2 days ago and nothing has changed. 

Anyway I will use Chrome since it works.

Thank you very much for your help.


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You can go into settings>apps then select the Samsung internet. Here you can clear the apps cache or data. You can try to do this to reset the Samsung browser.