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Prepaid to Monthly switch top-up

  • 28 December 2018
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Hello, I recently switched from a prepaid plan to a monthly plan. I've set up my self-serve account for my monthly plan (with some technical issues - had to call in to have them send me the registration email since the first was never sent) and I've noticed I cannot log into my prepaid self-serve account. Is it safe to assume my automatic top-up that I set up for the prepaid account is now disabled or do I have to somehow call in to stop it from charging me for that? Thank you.

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4 replies

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What happens when you try to log in to your prepaid account? They are totally separate so you still should be able to log in and see it. Did you port your prepaid number in to your new postpaid account?

I would contact them to make sure your prepaid account is closed and auto top ups are removed. Another thread about it below.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It says 'Login has failed' when I try on the prepaid site. And yes, I did port my number over from prepaid to monthly. When I asked the rep both at the physical kiosk and on the phone to set up my monthly self serve they both were inconclusive about it just that as long as I don't have any outstanding payments left I 'should' be good. I'm guessing I should see if it charges my card when the time comes.
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Porting your prepaid number to postpaid should close your prepaid account. This should stop any auto top ups. I would think you still should have access to your prepaid account though and see that it is closed.

I also don't get the reps comments about any outstanding payments with prepaid. It's prepaid so there can't be any outstanding balance owed on a closed account. If anything you might have a positive balance in your account.

Yes, watch for charges on your card but I don't think that will happen.
Thank you. I'll keep an eye on it.