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Prepaid Login Works, But I Can't Do Anything -- Only Says Welcome

I want to log into my pre-paid account and top off. Every time I log in...it just says Welcome and I don't see any options at all. I've tried multiple browsers and have the same issue. I am logging into the prepaid version of the site. Not sure what to do.

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Koodo had a system upgrade this morning with the plan and tab changeovers. You should be able to access the Prepaid login now. Keep in mind that if you are creating an account, they won't be up again until July 15th, 2013.
I just tried it again. Same issue. It has been doing the same thing for months now. See the attached picture. This happens with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE. Again...this is the prepaid self service. UPDATE: I tried to attach a pic to this and that is not working either. Here it is on Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihhs9diqxz39ann/2013-07-14%2010.23.57%20pm.png