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Possible invalid PIN when porting?

I just completed a port from post-paid (koodo) to pre-paid (koodo). It asked for my old account number, pin and phone number. I use about 3 different pins for different types of user accounts online and offline and basically guessed. It seems to have gone through. In self-serve it says it was transferred but it still isn't showing ported on my phone. I'll keep waiting, but if it wasn't the right PIN then what do I do to fix it?

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Hi Kryptonite,

It can take several hours for the port to be completed. Once it is completed, your postpaid account will be closed. You may also have to reboot your phone for it to work properly with the port. 
Thanks for the reply Mathieu, I put in my old SIM card and got a message from 611 with my PIN number when I booted up my phone for some reason. I can confirm now I put in the wrong PIN number when porting from post-paid to pre-paid. What do I do to fix this now?
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If it is still not coming up at all, I would give Koodo a call from another phone, or message them on Facebook for some further assistance!