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Porting my existing Koodo number to a NEW Koodo number


I am an existing koodo customer (current number)

I want to get the 10 GB 60 CAD plan from Koodo (new number)

Can I port my current number to the new koodo number that I buy from the koodo shop ?

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That plan is no longer available unfortunately. Edit: So if you haven't gotten the plan yet you're out of luck. Otherwise follow Erwin's instructions below.
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Hi, If I understand this correctly, you opened a new line to take advantage of that $60 10gb. Now you want to use your existing Koodo number on that new Koodo line? Just to let you know, it is not possible to directly port from Koodo Postpaid to Koodo Postpaid. There have been customers in the community who managed to port their old number with the following instructions: port your old Koodo Postpaid number to Koodo prepaid or Virgin prepaid and port it back to you new Koodo line.