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Porting from Koodo Prepaid to Postpaid

At around 10:30pm EST, I ported my prepaid Koodo number to my postpaid (monthly) Koodo plan. It has been two hours and the porting still has not been successful. I am concerned because when I try to call my prepaid number I get "6UT2: The number you have called is not in service." However, all calls and texts are going through fine to my postpaid number. 

I'm worried about losing the prepaid number as it is my primary contact number that I've had for over 6 years. I've ported numbers with Koodo before but this is my first time experiencing something like this. 

Should I just wait it out or call Koodo? 

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Wait 24 hours than definitely call koodo, I work for a mobile service and to be honest post paid to pre paid ports can be very tricky. I know you usually have to set up a new account and basically migrate everything over. Sometimes ports can take up to anywhere from 24-72 hours. Wait 24 hours and if still no change than call them.
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I would send a private message to koodo via Facebook or twitter.

By the time they reply, it would be a few hours later and If it is not resolved by then they can look into it